Randy understands that businesses can best create jobs when taxes are low, limited government principles are observed, and government remains focused on its core responsibilities, such as providing high quality public education and adequate transportation infrastructure.

Second Amendment:

Randy is an NRA Life Member, gun owner, and sportsman. He will always protect the people¹s right to keep and bear arms in full exercise of the Second Amendment.


During his time as a Delegate, Randy has worked persistently to improve our congested regional roadways through thoughtful and appropriate public transportation infrastructure. As our 10th District delegate and member of the House Transportation Committee, as well as previously while a member of the McDonnell Administration, Randy has consistently sought and supported enhanced funding for road improvements.

Taxes and Spending:

Randy will continue to identify and work to eliminate wasteful spending and will demand strict accountability for how our tax dollars are spent. As our Delegate, Randy will strive to keep taxes low to foster the creation of jobs, allow for thriving businesses and farms, and fight unnecessary expansion of government.


Randy is an advocate for alternative energy innovation and use of clean-burning natural gas for electric power production.  To that end, during the 2013 General Assembly session, Randy successfully patroned groundbreaking, landmark legislation which expands the ability of Virginia citizens to produce energy from renewable sources.

Human Life:

Randy is pro-life and believes that human life begins at conception. He will oppose the use of taxpayer dollars for abortion funding and supports parental notification laws.

Illegal Immigration:

Randy knows that a primary duty of the federal government is to protect our national borders and believes that the federal government’s failure to do so has led to illegal immigration, gang activity, and increased crime. Randy supports local government efforts to remedy these federal government shortcomings such as the “Rule of Law Resolution” recently adopted by Prince William County.